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Deck Contractors in North Vancouver

Your search ends here. With years of deck and pergola building experience in North Vancouver, BC, The Deck Contractor provides exceptional results and services. We are family-owned and run, fully licensed and insured, offering solutions to fulfill every customer’s demands. We are experts in outdoor living spaces and delight in exceeding all expectations, offering aesthetics and long-term results.

We acknowledge how it is needed to get your deck project right from the start. Our reputation is built on delivering top-notch workmanship, making your dream deck a reality. If you’re considering a new deck, replacement, or repairs, our experienced team can offer a free quote to help you progress your project.

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Expert Deck Design | Installation and Repair Services

Our team of skilled deck contractors is here to support you in every step you make when it comes to deck construction, design, or repair. Whether you envision a custom-built deck or require repairs, we possess the expertise to exceed your expectations.

We use different decking materials like wood and composite to create high-quality decks. Our skilled deck contractors pay close attention to detail and conduct thorough inspections to ensure your safety and satisfaction. We are proud to make your home more beautiful and functional with our wide range of services.

Homeowners face challenges when attempting DIY projects, often encountering unexpected hurdles and complexities. This is why our team of skilled deck contractors is here to lend their expertise and professional services, ensuring your deck project’s successful rescue and completion.

Deck Materials

For deck construction, there are numerous deck materials options available. You can freely select from classic woods to high-tech synthetics.

Pressure Treated  Wood

Pressure-treated (PT) wood is the most often used wood and may be used for all aspects of deck construction. Grade #2 PT wood is most commonly used for the deck surface, while higher grades can be utilized for railings or built-in seats. PT is a popular deck material because of its low cost and resistance to environmental conditions.

This wood has a greenish color and an intensified grain, yet the appearance varies depending on the tree species the lumber originates from. PT wood has been chemically treated to make it resistant to weather damage, bugs, and aging.

Redwood or Cedar

When it comes to decking, redwood and cedar are frequently combined. Both are softwoods that are more budget-friendly than ordinary PT-treated wood, making them an excellent choice for someone who wants a different look for their deck but is limited by expense.

The primary distinctions between these two are color and durability. Cedar is yellowish, whereas redwood, as expected, has a reddish hue. Both are quite appealing and age to a silverish tone. Redwood can be utilized in all aspects of deck building. Cedar is still sturdy but usually designated for deck finishing touches like rails, benches, and planters.

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Composite decking is a popular alternative if you’re not fully sold on wood. It is a pre-made board constructed of a wood and plastic blend, with a wood fiber-to-plastic fiber ratio of 50% or below.Composite boards are environmentally friendly because they often utilize recycled wood and plastic fibers.

Composite decks require less upkeep while still having a wood appearance. It only requires yearly washing for maintenance. You don’t need to worry about splinters or cracked boards, lasting up to 25 to 30 years. Most especially, composite decks are completely resistant to insect damage.


Vinyl or plastic decking has grown in popularity among those who do not prefer the look of wood. It comes in pre-made boards that are sent to you from the manufacturer. Many businesses now provide matching railings and other deck elements in addition to the standard surface boards.  This type of deck material has many color options and requires less maintenance. Furthermore, it is lightweight and easy to work with if doing DIY.

Pergolas & Patio Covers | Design, Installation, and Repair

A pergola is a visually captivating structure and offers numerous benefits that beautify your outdoors. Pergola provides shade for you and your family. This feature makes a pergola ideal for building a comfortable environment for yourself and your loved ones. Pergolas are also ideal for cultivating plants and vines. The open structure allows for natural ventilation and sunlight. Incorporating plants or hanging flower baskets can add a touch of natural beauty and create an inviting atmosphere in your backyard.

Our pergola designers will work with you to create a pergola that complements your home and tastes. We understand that every homeowner has different architectural styles and visions, and we strive to bring those visions to life. Whether you prefer a modern, minimalist design or a more elaborate and ornate structure, our team will work closely to ensure the final result exceeds your expectations.

Types of Patio Covers

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These patio covers are composed of sturdy materials like wood, aluminum, or vinyl and offer total weather protection.


Lattice patio covers comprise criss crossed wood or metal strips that provide partial shade while allowing some sunlight to pass through.


These patio coverings may be stretched or retracted to manage the amount of sun or shade in your outdoor space.


Pergolas are self-contained structures with an open roof constructed of cross beams. They offer shade and are frequently used to support climbing plants or vines.


Gazebos are self-contained structures with an open roof and solid sidewalls. They offer total weather protection and are frequently utilized for outdoor dining or partying.


Your Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our team here at The Deck Contractor is dedicated to building your Deck to your complete satisfaction.

Best Material Standards

All of our products are top-rated industry standards. We never cut corners on any of the materials we use.

Experienced Team

Our Team of Deck Installers have the Experience and know-how to get your job done., On-Time and On Budget.

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About The Deck Contractor in North Vancouver

How We Work

The Deck Contractor in North Vancouver’s commitment to exceptional service extends throughout the process. Here’s a detailed breakdown of how we work to ensure your satisfaction:

Schedule an Appointment

We make the getting-started process easy for you to schedule your first appointment. Simply contact us by phone call, email, or our online platform. Our friendly team will schedule an appointment at your convenience. We value your precious time and aim to accommodate your schedule flexibly.

Quotation with No Obligation on Time

Once you’ve set an appointment with us, our team will arrive promptly to discuss your project. We will actively listen to understand your needs and budget thoroughly. Based on this conversation, we will provide you with a free quote, ensuring transparency in terms of pricing and the services we can offer.

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Why Choose Us?

Here’s why we stand out from the other deck contractors:

Your Complete Satisfaction is Guaranteed

We prioritize your satisfaction above all. We are dedicated to constructing your deck to your exact specifications and ensuring it meets your complete satisfaction. From the design process to installment and the final touches, our deck contractors are committed to delivering a result that exceeds your expectations.

Best Material Requirements

We recognize the significance of selecting high-quality materials in constructing your deck. Our entire product line meets industry requirements, ensuring that your deck is built to last. We focus on details and use the latest materials to ensure your deck is of the highest quality.

Team with Experience

Our experienced deck installers have completed numerous projects and have extensive knowledge of deck construction techniques. Our deck contractors can efficiently complete your project within the agreed timeframe and budget. Trust in our quality work and expertise to deliver exceptional results.

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If you are constructing a new deck, a county permit is usually required if the new deck is 12 inches above grade. You do not require a county permit if the deck is less than 12 inches above grade because it is considered a patio rather than a deck. Because these restrictions are subject to change, you can check them with your local permit and inspection office.

In general, you’ll need a copy of your property plat, which shows the house and its location concerning the property lines. Indicate the position of the new deck on the property on the plat. 

Sign up for a permit application, and there will be a county fee. A scale design of the deck that displays the following: deck’s proportions, footer size, depth, beam size, joist size and spacing, decking material to be used, railing system, and staircase position, if any, is also required. 

Your county property tax account number will aid the approval procedure. Ensure you stay within any set back limits and construction limitation lines that should be marked on your property plat when building your new deck.

Composite decking is widely known for its durability. Because the plastic protects the wood fibers from the environment, composite decking is resistant to rotting, degradation, and termite damage. It will also not fade or wear out due to repeated exposure to sunshine and cold weather. Warranties frequently protect composite decking.

Choosing The Deck Contractor in North Vancouver as your deck builder guarantees your satisfaction. By selecting us, you can have a deck that transforms your outdoor space and brings you joy for years. Contact us now.