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Here at The Deck Contractor, we show you a creative solution for Sliding Wood Decks Floors to be able to take advantage of the space occupied by the pool throughout the year, with the contribution of the warmth and beauty of a wooden deck that moves!.

The deck floor is one of the most popular wood finishes.

Its functionality to generate, decorate, complement, or enhance different types of spaces such as terraces, balconies, interior patios, gardens, solariums, and even commercial stands, added to the beauty and warmth that it brings to all those environments, have managed to transform it into an irreplaceable architectural element in recent years.

And now they have taken one more step in their evolution and arrived to solve an uncomfortable and habitual situation, achieving better use of the spaces:

Yes! sliding or movable wooden decks can be built. 

It is usually very common that in small gardens, terraces, interior patios, or limited spaces, you want to enjoy the refreshing sensation of having a swimming pool.

But the decision is very difficult to make, because, with the construction of a swimming pool of normal dimensions, the spaces of transit and use for other activities are reduced to unwanted levels of discomfort.

If, on the other hand, better use of these spaces is privileged, the resulting sector for the pool is too small, so much so that it sometimes makes the project meaningless.

And that is where sliding or movable wooden decks provide the ideal solution.

One of its greatest virtues is that by being able to move sectored or jointly and towards any side of the water mirror, it adapts very easily to any need, as can be seen below:

This variety of movements makes it possible to select the best scheme, so that, depending on the proportions of the implantation space, better use of the space is achieved.

In this way, a larger pool can be built to take advantage of a larger pool of water and when it is not used, the deck is folded over the pool and used as a multipurpose terrace.

Of course, for this to happen, three fundamental characteristics must exist:

That the sliding structure is strong enough to support the weight of the deck and the people, waxes, objects, and furniture that are placed on it. 

That the wood with which the deck is built is sufficiently resistant to withstand this same situation and also be adequately durable to maintain this capacity over time. 

Sliding Wood Decks Floors

That the set is of sufficient quality to achieve manual movement from one side to the other, although it is also very common to automate it.