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Residential Decks

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Residential Decks Services & Installation

Design | Installation | Repair

Residential Decks Services: Wood materials and composite products provide natural beauty to your outdoor space, but they do require periodic maintenance to ensure a long life. The Deck Contractor chooses from traditional pressure-treated pine and cedar or exotic hardwoods to achieve a natural, durable surface for your decks and railings. The custom decks we build are built right the first time at a cost you can afford.

The Deck Contractor will be as hands-on as you want us to be during the building project. When it comes to deck design and deck installation projects, some of the services we can provide to our deck building customers include:

  • Material and Design Project Options
  • Assisting you in the selection of a location for the installation, extra items, or a foundation
  • Assisting with the implementation of spatial elements or objects on the deck
  • We’ll work with you to select deck materials that are both inexpensive and long-lasting.
  • Termite inspection, weatherproofing, and other deck repair services

What can we do to assist you?

Design | Installation | Repair

As it pertains to your custom wood decks, balconies, patios, porches, and outside space, The Deck Contractor will provide a wide range of custom deck installation services for your home. So, even if it’s a minor project, let us assist you with the build execution. Because each home is unique, our contractors don’t approach each project in the same manner. If you’re considering outdoor deck installation and patio repairs for your home, contact our team of contractor now to discuss your service needs, budget, and intended outcome.

It’s difficult to find the appropriate custom deck builder at the right cost. By being open about our deck or porch building process, The Deck Contractor hope to make that decision easier. A cost estimate is the first step in every custom deck project. We’ll spend time listening to your needs and figuring out what you want to accomplish with your deck area. Following that, we’ll go over all of the ways we can make your dream deck a reality, including choosing the best material, incorporating your existing landscaping, and considering your home’s architecture. We’ll also discuss any additional elements you might want, such as planters, benches, and lighting, as well as railing styles.

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You’ll get a custom design and project cost estimate, and we’ll give you plenty of time to consider it so you can make the best option for your home and family. Once you’re satisfied with the deck design and estimate and information, the builder need to prepare blueprint drawings to submit with permit applications and place an order for the deck building supplies. We’ll start building your new deck once all of the permits are in place and the materials are delivered.

Trex composite decking, unlike wood, will not decay, warp, or splinter, will not require yearly painting, sealing, or staining, will not fade or stain, and will not become termite food. Trex, the world’s greatest high-performance composite decking company, can help you create your custom dream deck. With our framework, railing, and lighting, you can complete your yard.

The Deck Contractor can assist homeowners in Vancouver, British Columbia, the Lower Mainland and the Fraser Valley who are interested in installing new custom residential decks, updating patio or pool decks outside their home, or simply getting a free quote to see if installing balcony decks outside their property is feasible. Call us at (604) 210-0750 for a free, no-obligation service quote on these or any other deck installation services you’re interested in near you. When you’re ready, our installers come to your home and provide a free consultation to review your service needs and assist you in determining the best technique for renovating your deck and patio spaces for the best cost.