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The Deck Contractor has 25 years of deck and pergola building experience in West Vancouver, BC, and provides great results and services. We are a fully licensed and regulated family-owned business that caters to the unique demands of each customer. The Deck Contractor specializes in outdoor living areas and takes pride in surpassing all expectations by delivering both aesthetic appeal and long-term results.

What type of deck project are you considering? We understand the importance of getting it right the first time, and that’s why we are dedicated to delivering top-notch service. Our goal is to turn your dream deck project into a reality. Whether it’s an installation, replacement, or repair project, we have the expertise to handle a variety of tasks. If you’re interested in starting a potential project, we can arrange a free quote to discuss the details further.

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Your Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our team here at The Deck Contractor is dedicated to building your Deck to your complete satisfaction.

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All of our products are top-rated industry standards. We never cut corners on any of the materials we use.

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Our Team of Deck Installers have the Experience and know-how to get your job done., On-Time and On Budget.


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About The Deck Contractor in West Vancouver

Why Choose Us?

Consider us the best deck contractor in East Vancouver. Here’s what sets us apart from other deck contractors:

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

At The Deck Contractor in East Vancouver, we put your satisfaction first. We are committed to building your deck exactly to your specifications and ensuring your complete pleasure. From the deck design process to the finishing touches, our deck builders are dedicated to exceeding your expectations.

Best Deck Materials

We fully understand the importance of using high-quality materials while building your deck. As a result, we make no compromises in terms of material quality. Our complete product line complies with industry standards, ensuring that your deck is made to last. We use the latest deck materials, so your deck will receive the best outcome.

Expert Team

Every job benefits from the expertise of our deck installers. We have performed a large number of deck installations. Our crew can swiftly execute your deck project on time and within budget since we thoroughly understand deck construction procedures and industry best practices. You can count on our high-quality work and expertise to provide great outcomes.

Work Assurance

In terms of installation, we maintain our dedication to quality and satisfaction. Throughout the process, we keep lines of communication open, keeping you updated on progress and resolving any possible concerns or difficulties. We stand for clear and consistent communication that is essential for a successful deck project.

Deck Materials:

Pressure-Treated (PT) Wood

PT wood exhibits a distinct grain pattern and often has a greenish hue, although the specific appearance may vary based on the tree species it originates from. Notably, it offers resistance against aging, weather-related deterioration, and pests.

Cedar or Redwood

Redwood and cedar, classified as softwoods, are pricier alternatives compared to standard PT-treated wood. Over time, both redwood and cedar naturally develop a charming silvery hue. Some homeowners choose to preserve the original color by applying staining and sealing techniques.


A pre-made board known as composite decking consists of a blend of wood and plastic. These composite boards often recycled wood and plastic fibers, making them environmentally friendly. Composite decks offer a wood-like appearance while requiring minimal maintenance.


Vinyl or plastic decking comes in pre-made boards sent to you from the manufacturer. Many businesses now provide matching railings and other deck elements in addition to the standard surface boards, allowing you to have everything match smoothly.

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Deck Patterns:

The Deck Contractor Vancouver Pressure Treated Decking
The Deck Contractor Main Page Deck Repair
The Deck Contractor Vancouver Freestanding Deck

Perpendicular or Parallel

The most fundamental deck pattern is to run the planks parallel or perpendicular to the house. Typically, deck planks run parallel to the house’s face wall. It is feasible to run boards perpendicular instead, although this may necessitate joint and ledger structure alterations. 

Parallel planks make the deck appear longer by drawing the eye out along the length of the deck. Perpendicular boards, on the other hand, make a deck appear larger. Both choices are attractive, but one may be superior if you want to deceive the eye.


A diagonal design may not make much of a difference, yet it radically transforms the appearance of a deck. Typically, the boards will run diagonally at 45-degree angles. Aside from appearances, diagonal decks are stronger and do not require sway bracing. 

Diagonal beck boards can only be full-length all the way across. You can also do framed diagonally, which looks fairly nice and retains the power of a traditional diagonal deck.

Basketweave or Parquet

The terms parquet and basketweave are frequently used interchangeably. Parquet deck patterns have diverse patterns within the same square size of the deck. For example, you may have varied deck squares, some with parallel boards and others with perpendicular boards. Basketweave is the correct term for the example presented, but modular decks might be anything or consist of framed modules.

Herringbone and Chevron

The chevron pattern is not only visually appealing but can be particularly suited for larger decks. A chevron deck creates a distinctive V-shaped design and can be achieved in various ways. The boards can either run straight across the entire deck or incorporate chevron patterns with straight transition boards in the middle.

Another delightful pattern is herringbone, which differs somewhat from chevron but is often mistaken for it. While herringbone may appear intricate, it is surprisingly straightforward to assemble.


There is no limit to deck board patterns; it all comes down to the contractor’s skill. More intricate patterns, such as the nested square or decks with a cross, diamonds, or other forms set within, are examples of custom deck designs. 

Another alternative for certain homes with Asian landscaping is to lay decking boards on their sides rather than on their faces, as is customary. This gives the deck a distinct “East meets West” flavour.

Deck Styles:


Platform decks are the most typical type for single-level homes at ground level. Building these decks is simple, whether you do it yourself or hire a professional. Platform deck material options must be cautiously approached, particularly any joints or other lumber beneath the deck that may come into contact with the moist ground. Platform decks typically lack railings and steps, making them an even more cost-effective option.


The typically raised deck comes in second place in popularity. Depending on the home, a raised deck might be as low as a few feet from the ground or as high as the second story. A raised deck is more expensive than a platform, but how much more expensive depends on the height. Raised decks look great and provide additional storage or entertainment space beneath them. 

Two Story

Despite their stunning appearance, two-story decks are relatively unpopular due to the required construction skills and costs. These decks start on the ground as either a platform or raised deck, connecting to a second-story balcony. While not commonly chosen, a two-story deck can prove beneficial for hosting large groups in spacious vacation homes that feature living and entertaining areas on both floors.


A multi level deck can be a piece of art that is also quite visually pleasing. Multi Level decks, as opposed to two-story decks, are often structured as platform decks with additional terraces. A multilevel deck essentially combines the properties of a platform and a raised deck. 

This deck construction style is great for individuals who want an outstanding deck. The various levels appear remarkable, and each can serve a different purpose. For example, a separate left-off to the side of the deck would be an ideal site for a BBQ or outdoor kitchen area.


Freestanding decks, like platform decks, are often ground-level and basic in design. The distinction is that freestanding decks are separate from the house and are commonly set within a garden or other landscaping with a pathway from the house. These decks can be roofed and are also suitable for pool decking.

The Deck Contractor Vancouver Platform Deck
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We build and refurbish decks. From basic vinyl replacement to complete ground-up new build decks, our team has the solution right for you.

Pergolas & Patio Covers

Our Pergolas and Patio Covers designs are amazing with a huge choice of designs, wood sizes, and stain colors.

Home Renovations

The Deck Contractor is here to help you with all of your home renovations.


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Cutting your lawn at three inches is recommended. Your lawn will be healthier with proper height and alternate cutting patterns that create shade, prevent weed growth, and protect the grass from insect damage.

Composite decking materials naturally fade over time (typically 15 to 20% of their original color). This is a normal part of the composite decking weathering process. Composite decking has long been prone to staining, although most manufacturers provide maintenance and cleaning recommendations on their websites.

Composite decks require less maintenance. Regularly remove any debris, such as leaves, grime, and dust. Use a brush, hose, and mild household cleaner to thoroughly clean your deck at least twice a year. Power washers should be avoided since they can damage composite decks. Unlike hardwood decks, composite decking does not require staining, waterproofing, or sealing.


Your fulfillment is certain when you select The Deck Contractor in West Vancouver to build your deck. By choosing us, you can get a deck that completely changes your outdoor area and satisfies you for many years. Call us right away.