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At The Deck Contractor, we make decks in all shapes and styles, fixed, mobile, or in height. For that, we have the project, calculation, and development of a specialist wood engineer.

Our wooden decks are made with the finest carpentry and the noblest species of wood. Only high-density wood is used that prevents the penetration of water and with a high content of tannins which prevent the formation of fungi and bacteria; harmful agents for the good condition of the decks.

Basically, two methods of anchoring are used. The deck can be attached to the tie rod by visible screws, for that, we use bronze screws in order to avoid oxidation and consequent staining of the wood, or with hidden staples that are inserted into lateral grooves that have been previously made in each one. of the boards that make up the deck and then these staples are the ones that are attached to the tie rod.

The tie rod for the deck must also be made of weather-resistant wood, otherwise, your deck in a very short time begins to have loose or loose boards. These decks can then be treated with materials suitable not only for the elements but also to be walked on. The varnishes do not fulfill this double function since they wear out prematurely when passing through them. For this, you must use materials suitable for wooden decks.

We recommend among national products to use cetol decks or others with similar characteristics. Our company has both the service of sale, calculation, and installation of decks and a posteriori service of polishing and protection of the deck with materials of excellent quality and durability. We recommend never installing impregnated wood decks such as impregnated pine or eucalyptus Grandis since they are of very low duration.

Installation Of The Bases For Wooden Deck

A wooden deck is always started by installing bases or piles which support the tension that the deck will receive with the intention of preserving the tension in the rotting process that occurs to all wood subjected to humidity. These plotlines are installed at a distance of about 50 or 60 cm and on them, the hardwood braces are placed.

On this occasion, the client chose a wood deck for his patio with exposed screws because he wants a rustic appearance. Although the screws are not hidden, you can see in the deck images that they are not visible to the naked eye. After the deck was installed, it was polished with different sandpaper, to later be protected with an imported material suitable for decks.

If you choose not to protect them, these woods do not rot due to their high density and tannin content, but over time they acquire a gray color due to the sun and water being the product of the earth. Other woods suitable for the deck are incense, teak. All of them have characteristics similar to the deck but different colors and veins. You can come to our showroom to see various options and find the one you like.

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